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A full-body cycling system engineered with WorldTour feedback and our maniacally obsessive attention to detail for targeted support and aerodynamics on days when speed is all that matters. We see jerseys and bib shorts not as clothing, but as purpose-built equipment, every bit as important to cycling as wheels, cranksets, and even the frame. The Houdini represents our sharpest tools combined into a single toolkit system, giving the most committed cyclist everything required to race and train at the highest level. Those tools include all the compressive, aerodynamic technology from our EQUIPE RS S9 Bib Shorts and RS Aero Jersey, making the Houdini a comprehensive race-ready system that eliminates the need for you to make any choices not related to the ride ahead. The Houdini's bottom half is made from the same Type.441 material found in our EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts for a lightly compressive feel that inspires confidence but stretches to conform to your body and pedal stroke. The top portion comprises the same proprietary textiles as our RS Aero Jersey, which collectively privilege breathability and a comfortably aerodynamic fit. Every edge of the jersey portion is finished with our raw + bonded construction, eliminating ridges that can create friction between jersey and skin or jersey and the passing air. This is a pure racing skinsuit, the embodiment of an aggressive aeroFit. The fit hinges at the waist on our Falken Cut, an abdominal wrap that smooths the transition for uncompromising aerodynamics.
A time trial skinsuit that shaves seconds and sheds drag with innovative refinements to form, fabric, and the functional gains the two provide. BEHIND THE PRODUCT When we look at the Rapidfire, we don’t see a jersey/bib skinsuit combo. We see years of development and WorldTour feedback. We see hours in the wind tunnel developing the Cube textile that adds aerodynamics to the skinsuit’s upper and countless days obsessing over the confident compression and silky, second-skin properties that would come to define the woven Type.701kompressor material used for the skinsuit’s bottoms. Not even the zipper—moved to the back and offset to preserve the leading edge’s aerodynamics—and the collar—omitted altogether to reduce drag—escaped our attention. We took our sweet time engineering the Rapidfire to ensure you take less time contre la montre.
The UMA GT Summer NS Bodysuit sets a new standard in one-piece comfort, with ultrasoft, breathable textiles and raw-cut hems for every-ride support in the hottest conditions. Why we made it An overhauled version of the NS Bodysuit of seasons past, The UMA GT Summer NS Bodysuit EVO stands in as one of the most comfortable, breathable suits in the ASSOS portfolio, perfect for riders looking for minimal coverage and maximum support in the hottest summer conditions.
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